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I began pursuing fitness at 18 years old. However, the typical life obstacles of marriage, job stress and a love of food created a 304 lb body by the time I was 39 years old. High blood pressure and type II diabetes were side effects of this destructive lifestyle. After a doctor consultation I was told that it would be highly probable that I would have a heart attack by the time I was 50 years old. Right then and there I decided my lifestyle had to change, no matter what it took.

Setting out on the typical path of calorie restrictive weight loss plans such as Slim Fast and Weight Watchers (and countless others) did not work because I was starving to death (remember, I love food!). I researched my options and stumbled upon a system that actually worked for me; I lost 100 lbs in the course of a year. This system is the one I share with all of my weight loss clients and am now sharing with you. The elements within the diet are simple; however you must have the "want to.” That is, you must want this (weight loss) more than anything else; more than a piece of birthday cake, more than a happy hour margarita, more than the convenience of take out food and drive thru windows. You can’t bend this diet or cheat on it if you expect to see results. And finally (and most importantly) you must be willing to change your lifestyle to create a successful environment! I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off, but it is a choice that you have to make and no one can do it for you. Read and succeed and remember that a skinny person cannot teach a fat person how to lose weight!

Former Fat Guy,
Kevin Anthony
"...I decided my lifestyle has to change, no matter what it took...I lost 100 lbs in the course of a  year!"
Lose Fat Fast with 20 min. Cardio/20 min. Weight Training
Creater of the                                system and author of Why am i so Fat?, Kevin Anthony